Friday, November 12, 2010

viiulist ja meistrist


In the room
Filled with sounds of music
The shadows of dancing women
Behind the dark windows
You can feel the blue sea
In the room
Full of love
The sounds of music
To the pleasant voice of tools and
The wood
Changing slowly form
Is the wood
In the hands of
Under the eyes of
Close to the hearts of
The two violinmakers
Day after day
Night after night
Slowly the wood
Changes its form
The women are dancing
The snow is falling
The sea behind the windows is freezing
The two men
The violinmakers
Keep molding the form of a tree
I hear the voices
The music
The tools
The sea
As the viola
Is being born
to Daniel and Jan the violinmakers who made an altviola in Ytterjärna. The viola was born in the 11.11.2010 and had my poem written into it.

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