Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Vaatame tulevikku

Üks tuntumatest teadlastest maailmas Howard Gardner pidas eelmise aasta aprillis loengu

Nurturing the Minds of the Future and the Role of the Digital Media

Minu arvates on tegemist väga huvitava loenguga, mis väärib vaatamist. Gardner räägib hariduse tähendusest kaasaegses ühiskonnas.

Lisaks leidsin lühikese intervjuu OECD leheküljelt pealkirjaks:

Educating for innovative societies

...our focus in schools (and outside of school) should be on understanding the METHODS whereby assertions are made, the way that a question is posed, how relevant data and arguments are marshaled, what kinds of challenges have been considered, how have they been responded to, etc. One should never read a single account of the causes of the French revolution or the role of heritability in the distribution of human traits.  Instead, one needs to probe deeply on how various accounts and graphics and data arrays have been created and used as a foundation for a conclusion.
Ironically, we live at a time in the history of the world where it is MORE POSSIBLE than ever before to determine what is true and what is not.  But one has to be willing to take the time to interrogate sources of all sorts and to change one’s mind if the data and arguments point in another direction.   In the future, we will pay increasing attention to those sources of information that are known to be DISinterested—not pushing a particular agenda, being ready to consider alternative points of view, to admit error and to publish corrections. Alas, these are not the first descriptors that come to mind when one considers the average blog! 

Samal ajal peeti Tallinna Ülikoolis arutelu, mille pealkirjaks "Õppimine tuleviku koolis".
Diskuteerijateks Peeter Normak ja Viive-Riina Ruus. Päris huvitav on märgata kui erinevalt Eestis ja USAs koolide tulevikku nähakse. Kui OECD uurimisgrupid tegelevad loovuse ja kunstiõpetuse küsimustega, siis Eestis räägitakse põhilise uuendusena endiselt kutseharidusele suunatavate projektide üle.  

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